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About Panihati

Panihati on the banks of River Hoogly is a famous destination near Kolkata. This city of West Bengal is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage.Panihati lies at a distance of 10 miles on the northern side of capital city Kolkata. Presently Panihati operates as a municipality under Khardaha police, Barrack Sub division Police force. Being a part of KMDA or Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority, the city has gone through several changes in the past few years and enjoys better infrastructure, scope and economic stability.

About Panihati
Panihati Municipality

History of Panihati

The trace of the origin of Panihati is not fully confirmed but several historical reference claims its existence from 13th century AD. According to historical books, towards the end of 13th century Maharaja Chandraketu of Deganga selected Panihati as his preferred place of residence and established his fort here with the icon of Bhawani in it which is still available in the north of Panihati in a place named Bhawanipur. Panihati rose into prominence by 16th century with Sri Chatainya Maha Prabhu. As per the historical data, this place was once a major center of worship for the Kapalikas and Budhist Tantrics. But with the advent of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu , who propogated the Sri Kirtana Movement, the place turned out to be a primary center for prayer and worship of the Gaudiya Vaishnavas. The sacred house of Sri Raghava Pandit, who associated Mahaprabhu is still existant in Panihati. Nityananda Prabhu also visited Panihati and blessed one of his biggest disciple Raghunatha Dasa.

Profile of Panihati
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

One of the earliest controversies in this land is the name Panihati. There are several theories regarding the same. While some believe that the name Panihati came from the word, Pannyahati which ideally means Emporioum of the Merchandise since the place on the river was the hub of trade commerce when trading was only done through sea route whereas others claim that the name of the location is because it imported in larger volumes a special form of rice named Paneti from Jessore district.

Geography of Panihati

The exact meridians of Panihati is 22.69°N and 88.37°E. The average elevation of the land is 13 meters or 42 feet from the sea level. The total area stretched under Panihati Municipality includes 19.43 square kilometers. The boundaries of this location includes Khardaha Municipality in the northern side whereas Kamarhati and North Dumdum in the southern side. On the eastern side of Panihati, it remains bordered by Muragacha and Bilakanda panchayat area and the western side remains enclosed by River Hooghly.

Climate of Panihati

The climate of Panihati is majorly tropical in nature. The summers are typically hot and humid whereas the winters are much pleasant. The summer months stretch from March to May where May is the hottest month with temperature hovering around 30.6°C. However rains are frequent from the month of June with cool breeze blowing from the Ganges. Rainy season prevails from the month of June and continues till September or October every year . The average precipitation in Panihati every year records to be around 1651mm. From November to February it is the winter season where the lowest temperature is recorded at 19°C in the month of January. The winter season here also receives considerable rainfall. The best time for visiting and sightseeing in Panihati is almost throughout the year but especially during the winter season the weather remains extremely pleasant.

Demography of Panihati

As per the population census of 2011, the total population of Panihati city is 383,522 of which 193,333 are male inhabitants and 190,189 are female inhabitants. The sex ratio of the city stands at 984 females for every 1000 male. The child population of the city with the age of 6 years is reported to be 24,678 where 12,599 are male and 12,079 are females. The child sex ratio stands at 959 girls for every 1000 boys. The child population of the area consists of 6.43% of the total population of Panihati.The literacy rate of the area is extremely good at 92.78%. Of the total population 332,924 individuals are literate with 95.05 percent male literates and 90.47% female literates. The native language of the people here is Bengali with a different accent. However they can also speak Hindi and English.

Administration in Panihati

Administration in PanihatiEstablished on 1st April 1900, Panihati Municipality is in charge of the overall administration of the area. It is the municipality office which remains in charge of the 35 wards by providing the basic amenities, infrastructure, road construction, street lights, hygiene, public health, tax collections as well as keeping of essential records.

Panihati Municipality
Address: Panihati, North 24 Parganas, Kolkata - 114
Tel : (033) 2553-2909 / 1487(F) / 2563-4457
E-m@il ID : panihatimunicipality@yahoo.co.in
Website: http://www.panihatimunicipality.in

Regional Office

Baul Academy, Ushumpur, Agarpara
Phone – 2553-2909, 2563- 4457
E-m@il ID : panihatimunicipality@yahoo.co.in

Culture of Panihati

Panihati is home to inhabitants belonging to various religions, caste and creed thus making a perfect amalgamation of multiple cultures. People here are extremely proud of their rich heritage and takes initiative in protecting the same. They maintain the rituals and customs practiced for generations which is visible during the festive days. All major festivals of various caste are celebrated here but since the Hindus are predominant in this location, the Hindu festivals are celebrated grandly. Also the area is a religious location with huge sacred sentiment of every devotee. As a result fairs and festivals centered around holy occasions are celebrated in a way that attracts both locals and tourists.

Information on Panihati

Art and Literature have a huge involvement among the people of Panihati. The city encourages young talents in these fields and there are schools and private special classes on these curricular activities. Famous personalities from Panihati includes Girindra Mohini Das, the famous poetess of Bengal, Girish Chattopadhyay the renowned classical musician along with his two sons, Upel Mitra and Shital Mukherjee also pertaining from the same field, classical Singer Ankur Mukherjee, Pankhoraj player Suren mukherjee, Mrinal Ghosh, the Bengal renowned art critic and Kamal Sarkar the great cartoonist. In a nutshell it can be stated that the people of Panihati are extremely fond of art and culture and ensure nurturing of the same.

Fairs and Festivals of Panihati

Fairs and Festivals are the lifeline of this city. Some of the prominent festivals apart from the usual Holi, Diwali,Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Ramnabami, Eid, Christmas celebrated in Panihati are listed below.

Chida-Dahi Festival

Continuing for more than 500 years the “Chida utsav” is one of the oldest and the most prominent fairs of Panihati city. As per the Vaishnav Granthas, the fair was originally celebrated during the time of Sri Nityananda Mahaprabhu. As per the holy book, Sri Nityananda Mahaprabhu visited Panihati and it is here that he blessed one of his ardent disciple Raghunatha dasa. The occasion was celebrated with Chida and Dahi and other sweets on the orders of Sri Nityananda Mahaprabhu. Chida Festival is celebrated in a huge way. As per the historic book Sri Ramkrishna Paramhangshadeb also participated in this fair and celebrated the cause. The fair is so big that it attracts not only devotees from the state or the country but even disciples from abroad. The fair usually takes place on the Jaistha or June every year attracting a lot of tourists.

Rasjatra Mela

Roy Chowdury family of Panihati introduced this fair and it has also a great impact on the people based here. Filled with religious sentiments this fair attracts several small traders to execute their business here.

Charak Sankranti Mela

In celebration of Lord Shiva, this fair attracts a lot of devotees every year from all nearby localities. The fair occurs in Sukchar area of Panihati.

Healthcare Services of Panihati

Health Infrastructure is the most important parameter for a healthy city life. In Panihati, The Panihati State General Hospital takes care of the medical emergencies in the area. The hospital has elaborate wards for every health department with sufficient number of beds in each. Experienced and qualified doctors serve the hospital with trained medical staff and with the help of high end medical equipments. Apart from this there are health centers or PHC based within the city and beyond. The hospital has a large pathology centre which caters to both hospital and outdoor patients. There are facilities of multiple blood testing, urinary testing, ECG, Xray, and Sonography testing. One can get subsidized treatment facility along with free medicines in the Government hospital. Especially for the people below poverty level this policy is strictly applicable.

Hospitals in Panihati

Apart from the Government hospital there are significant private nursing homes in the city which takes care of medical needs by providing all sorts of treatment. There are qualified doctors attached to these nursing homes to conduct the best treatment. The cost of treatment is much more in the private healthcare units but facilities are at par with other major cities. The nursing homes have elaborate pathology centre where all kinds of testing is done helping the doctors provide best treatment. The details of the hospitals based here are

Panihati State General Hospital
Ground Floor, P.S. Ghola Road, Kolkata - 700110
Land Mark: Near Post Office
Phone: 033 - 25657150

Pani Hati Nursing Home
Address: Post Office Panihati, B T Road
Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 033 2553 1172

Green View Nursing Home
Address: B T Road, Panihati, Near Dhankal Kolkata - 700114
Phone: 9339768476, 9231974709

Chemists in Panihati

Medicines are the most important parameter of healthcare. In Panihati almost all hospitals both private and Government have personal medical stores within the hospital premises. These stores have collection of almost all sorts of medicines or have facility to arrange the same within a day or two. Apart from these medicine stores there are few others medical stores too which are equally reputed and well stocked. Most of the chemists here have availability of various medical equipments like oxygen cylinders, blood pressure monitors, sugar check monitors and surgical equipments. Some of these stores are listed below.

Amla Medical Hall
Address: Panihati, Kolkata, B T Road, Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 033-28750456

Address: Tagore Corner, Panihati, Kolkata, B T Road
Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9804168689

Address: Tagore Corner, Panihati, Kolkata, B T Road
Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 033 25637557

Archana Medical Hall
Address: Thakur Corner Market, Soepur, Panihati, Kolkata,
Near peerless nagar B T Road, Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9331427679

Mallicka Medical
Address: Rupayan Apartment, R R C Ghat Road
Panihati Post Office Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 8961497149

Spandan Pharmacy
Address: Near Panihati College, H B Town
Kolkata West Bengal 700110
Phone: 7890578795, 9836384166

Economy of Panihati

Panihati is one of the fast developing cities of West Bengal. The economy of the city is both depended on agricultural income as well as from industries and service providers based here. Agricultural business forms a decent means of income in Panihati. The soil type of this area is clayey and loomy which is apt for quality farming. The closeness of the Ganga river helps a lot in this regards. The major crops sown here includes wheat, potato, pulses, jute, oilseeds etc but the major production here is of rice. People cultivate paddy crops for self consumption as well as for trading. Apart from this, horticulture crops cultivation are also promoted hugely here. Brinjal , Cabbage, cauliflower, tomato and chilli are the major vegetables cultivated here whereas mango, banana, papaya, jackfruit are fruits grown here. Livestock business also provides a considerable income in this locality. Poultry farming, cattle farming are popular means of livestock business here.

Panihati in West Bengal

Industries are the major source income in this city. Panihati is the proud owner of some of the major industries of the state. From the rubber and latex industry, Bengal Waterproof, or the ever popular “Duckback” manufacturers have their factory set in Panihati from the year 1932. They have a wide range of products from bags to rainwears all manufactured here. Panihati Bengal Chemical, a chemical industry known for its experimentation and production of various chemical items, was established in the year 1922 by the famous scientist Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy. In course of time the industry has been taken over by the Government and today it runs with the name of “The Panihati Bengal Chemical”

Cotton industries also have their share in Panihati industrial growth. Basanti Cotton Mill inaugurated by Rabindranath Tagore was established in 1934 and it is known to provide huge employment to workers based here. The mill was named after the wife of Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das. Bangasree and Sodepur Cotton Mills are the other two famous cotton industries of the area which is presently clubbed under national Textile Corporation headed by the State Government. Apart from this there are several other industries which were operating here for generations but due to some reasons it is not working anymore like National Tobaco Company, Modern India Construction Limited, Bangoday Cotton Mill etc. One can also find presence of agro based companies, jute works, leather based companies, wood work , service based companies and many others.

Tourism in Panihati

Tourism in Panihati is majorly based on religious and heritage places. The location has several historical and spiritual significance's which attracts multiple tourists and devotees every year making Panihati a popular destination. Some of the prominent tourist location in this city are listed below.

All about Panihati
Trannath Kalibari in Panihati

Mahotsav Tala

This particular destination is considered to be one of the pious and soulful locations of the state as well as Panihati. It became famous since it holds the footprints of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda Mahaprabhu around 500 years back. The holy place is celebrated with annual festival and mela which was glorified for years with presence of many saints and religious gurus for years. The place became more religious with the footsteps of Sri Ramkrishna Paramahansha deb who multiple times visited the location along with his disciples. Apart from this prominent personalities and devotees like Girish Chandra Ghosh, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Abedananda, Swami Premananda, Swami Saradananda , Latu Mharaj and even Mahatma Gandhi visited this location.

Chatubabu’s Garden

Chatubabu’s Garden also known as Gobinda home is one of the favourite places of Kabiguru Rabindranath tagore. He used to visit the home as a child and spent several days here. In 1898 Swami Vivekananda visited this location to prepare a Math which was later established in Belur

Kali Temples in Panihati

Some of the historically prominent Kali temples are based here in Panihati. Raja Chandraketu was known to have worshipped an idol of Goddess Kali naming it as Goddess Bhawani. But during a muslim attack this idol was stolen from the fort premises which was later found by the Ganguly family of Baghbazar. They restored the idol and later made a temple on the banks of Ganga river along with three Shiva temples and together named it as Mahakal. This place is of huge religious importance to the devotees. Dakate Kalibari is based near Mahotsabtala holding an idol of Siddheshwari Kali and is known to be established 200 years ago. As per the locals a famous decoit of region was known to worship in this temple the reason why this name was given. There is also a Kali temple near Gobinda home which is known to be 200 years old.

Shiva Temples in Panihati

On Harishchandra Dutta Ghat there are 12 Shivalingas, made of Nilkantha Kasthi Pathar. The place has both historical and religious importance. Jatileshwar Shiva Temple is based on Mahotsab Ghat and is considered one of the holy temples of the city

Ganga Ghats in Panihati

Panihati remains encircled with a garland of historical and prominent Ganga ghats each having its own significance. The Ganga ghats are around 200-400 years old and some have religious significance too. Some of the prominent ghats include Baromandir Ghat, Trannath Babu Ghat, Gobinda home Ghat, Chaitanyer Ghat etc.

Apart from this there are many other entertaining tourist destinations spread beyond the city which is worth a visit. One can visit the popular nearby locations like Kolkata at 14kms, Howrah at 16km, Alipur at 20, Raichak and Shankarpur at 55kms

Travel Agents in Panihati

Travel Agency is the most convenient service provider in matters related to travelling. They assist in almost all situations while travelling with the best services in reasonable deal. In Panihati there are multiple number of travel agents which can assist in the best ways of travelling without any hassles. The details of the same are listed below.

Net Travel agency
Address: 81, Sahid Colony, BT Road
Near Panihati Sporting Club
Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9331595945

Akada Tours and Travels
Address: Panihati, Gholabazaar
Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9804387105

Akash Travel Agency
Address: 7 BT Road, Panihati
Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9804678051

Utilities Services in Panihati

Panihati is one of the prominent and well administered areas of West Bengal. It has several services available which helps in facilitating the natives based here. Though the city has less number of options in each category but there remains availability of almost all kinds of services.

Utility Services in Panihati
Utility Services

Railway Station : Sodepur (on Sealdah main line).
Bus Stoppage : Panihati Meena / Sodepur Traffic More / Peerless nagar.
Ferry Ghat : Panihati Mahotsavtala Ferry Ghat (Opposite Konnagar).
Nearest Airport : Netaji Subhas Bose International Airport, Dum Dum.

Postal Services in Panihati

One of the most important services in any city is the postal services as it helps in establishing communication with the rest of the country. Private courier services are not available in every location the reason the Government postal; services are still considered the best. It has the widest network along with authenticity and security that remains appreciated by all.

Panihati Post Office
Status: Sub Office
Head Office: Belgharia Post Office
Address: The Post Master, Panihati Post Office
Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 033 2875 0030

Banks in Panihati

There is an immense importance of banking services in any city. It helps in regularization of the economy of the area and helps in providing financial assistance to the people based in the city. One can safe keep their hard earned money as well as invest in various financial options available in the bank. Most of the banks here have core banking facility, ATM, Netbanking, Online transfer here with all other advantages available in the branches of any metro city. Some of the banks based here include

Axis Bank, Panihati Branch
IFSC Code: Utib0000437
MICR Code:700211031
Branch Code: 000437
Address: Panihati Municipality, B. T. Road, Panihati
Kolkata, West Bengal 700114
Phone: 033-25837123
Fax: 033-25837123,
Email: Ibrm@Axisbank.Com

UCO Bank, Panihati Branch
IFSC Code: Ucba0000187
MICR Code: 700028072
Branch Code: 000187
Address: 27, B T Road, Panihati,
Peerless Nagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700114
Phone: 03325531342

United Bank Of India, Panihati Branch
IFSC Code: Utbi0pnhc78
MICR Code: 700027214
Branch Code: Pnhc78
Address: B T Road, Panihati Kolkata,
West Bengal 700114
Phone: 033 25531891

ICICI Bank, Panihati Branch
IFSC Code: Icic0001584
MICR Code: 700229088
Branch Code: 001584
Address: 254, Barasat Sodepur Road
Amaravati More, Po Panihati
Kolkata West Bengal 700110
Phone: 9903035532

Police in Panihati

Security services is a necessity for every society and it is no different in Panihati. Panihati in matters to security is served by Khardah Police station under West Bengal Police Department. The area is absolutely secure from any major criminal activities and law and order is well maintained here. The Superintendent of Police, North 24 Paraganas remains the overall incharge however since it falls under Barrackpore Division, Additional SP, Barrackpore also looks after the same.

Khardah Police station
Address: BT Road, Khardah, Kolkata, West Bengal 700116
Phone: 033 2553 2859

Police Emergency Number: 100
Superintendent of Police: 033 2538 9202
Additional Superintendent of Police: 033 2592 0030

Petrol Pumps in Panihati

To support the transport communication in this area, the administration department has granted establishment of reputed petrol pumps in several parts of the municipality. This way it is a great initiative to promote more transport facilities with some of the reputed petrol providers like HP, Bharat Petroleum and Indian Oil. Some of the Petrol Pumps based here are listed below for reference.

Krishna Service Station
Address: BT Road, Panihati, Near Xaviers School
Kolkata, West Bengal 700114
Phone: 033 25636445

Jamuna Service Station
Address: BT Road, Panihati
Kolkata, West Bengal 700114
Phone: 033 25534735

Photo Studios in Panihati

In Panihati there are limited options in case of Photo studios however the services provided in the studio are at par with any other professional studio. They have facility of digital photos, one minute photos and even photography of social functions and video recording.

Studio Click
Address: Station Road , Panihati
Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 033 65174466, 9051034696

Caterers in Panihati

Every social occasion demands good food and in Panihati it is the catering business which serves such occasions excellently. With some of the finest cuisines and innovative ways of presentation they provide a new mark to the service. Some of the best caterers in Panihati are mentioned below.

Saheli Caterer
Address: Near Samiran Book Stall, Marked Road
Panihati Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9239662678

Disha Caterer
Address: Nilganj Road
Panihati Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9051604680

Sonar Taj Caterer
Address: BT Road , Panihati, Near Panihati Bus Stand
Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9330920220

Mobile Repairing in Panihati

One of the important accessories in today’s date is the mobile phones. With the cheap call rates and excellent network service of various mobile connection providers the demand of the same has increased hugely. To support this there are availability of high end mobile sets with several features that help people in multiple ways. But since this electronic items proper servicing and repairing in case of any damage is mandatory for which in Panihati there are reputed stores who caters to all kinds of mobiles.

Address: 42, B T Road, Thakur Corner, Panihati
Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9230511880, 9830547509

United Tradecom
Address: 6, M N Mukherjee Road, Near Traffic Mor
Panihati Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9874727525

Arya Telecom
Address: 48, B.T.ROAD, Opp of Vasan Eye Care
Panihati Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9331277629

Disney Point
Address: BT Road, Takhur corner market
Panihati Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 8420894545

Friends Telecom
Address: Raja Ram Chandra Ghat Road,
Near Sadashi More Panihati Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 8981240104

Insurance Agents in Panihati

Insurance policies are always in demand as everyone wants to invest and make their future secure. But the insurance policies can be quite confusing for which there are agents who helps with proper knowledge on the products brought and guide people according their needs. In Panihati, there are some well reputed insurance agents to facilitate the natives are listed below.

Debabrata Routh
Address: LMB Road
Panihati Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9830323577

Mr Swapan Halder
Address: Plot No 6, New Colony
Panihati Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9432389640

Society in Panihati

Panihati is a city of mixed population not only in matters related to religion and caste but also in regards to financial capability, status and being part of backward class of people. To help in these people who are deprived for one cause or the other or incapable to stand along with the rest of the society, there are NGO or Non Government organizations whose sole aim is to help the needy and establish them with equal pride and honor with the rest of the society. This includes women empowerment, child education, public health, enviourment factors, employment, training and many others. Some of the popular NGOs working in Panihati are given below.

North Kolkata Nari Shikhyatan
Address: Raja Ram Chandra Ghat Road
Panihati, Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9836751413

Vividishananda Seva Kendra
Address: Gandhinagar Ward No 11,
P.O. Panihati, Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 033 25457172

Transport in Panihati

Panihati is one of the cities which is well communicated by various means of transport. The nearest airport to Panihati is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport at a distance of 9kms. The airport has good connectivity with almost all major cities of the country. It has an international terminal which connects various prominent airports of the world. The distance from Panihati to Netaji Subhas Airport can be travelled by local buses or taxis that travel frequently in these routes. By railways the nearest railway station to Panihati is Sodepur Railway Station at a distance of 1km from the heart of the city. Sodepur is well connected to many popular cities of the state like Agarpara, Belur, Dakhineshwar, Liluah, Srirampore, Patipukur, Rishra, Tala, Konnagar, Barrackpore, Titagarh and many others. Apart from this Panihat is also closer to other stations like Agarpara Railway station, Hind Motor Railway Station and Konnagar Railway Station which lies within a distance of 3 kms. For the major cities across the country one can avail trains from Sealdah station at a distance of 15.2 km or Howrah station at a distance of 16.2 km. Both the stations have multiple number of trains to various metro and prominent cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow, Chandigarh and many others. The distance to the stations can be traveled by private taxis through BT Road in not more than 45 minutes of travel.

Transport in Panihati

The most popular and affordable means of transport for the people of Panihati is the bus routes available from the city. Based close to BT road, the city has good road connectivity to various cities in and around Panihati, the reason why one can find multiple number of buses both government and private in these routes. The frequent availability of buses is an advantage here. The popular destinations connected by bus routes are Sodepur Station Road, Swadeshi More, Sukhchar, Agarapara, Mollar Hat, Kamarhati and many others.

Car Rentals is another form of travel in and around Panihati. There are multiple car rental agencies in Panihati which can be availed for travel. Apart from this there are numerous car rental agencies in Sodepur and capital city Kolkata which have their services in Panihati. The rates however may vary from one rental company to another which should be judged before availing the services. Some car rental companies operating in Panihati are listed below.

Raat Din Car Services
Address: Panihati Bus Stand,Near B B Bagan
Kolkata West Bengal 700114
Phone: 9831838781

Joy Guru Car Rental Agency
Address: Bibi Bagan Post Near Gurunanank Dental College
Aswini Nagar, Panihati, Kolkata, West Bengal 700114
Phone: 033 30452332

Mam Car Service
Address: Panihati, BT Road Near Dhankal Axis Bank
Kolkata, West Bengal 700114
Phone: 033 33133703

To conclude, Panihati is a progressive city with immense opportunity in regards to industries and economical development. It is one of the famous tourist places of West Bengal.

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